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Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman's Viking self. (Yowza!)

In honor of the Second Weekly Eye Candy Wednesday and the premiere of the so-far fantastic True Blood third season, I have chosen Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, who portrays Viking vampire Eric Northman on HBO’s True Blood.

This is one of my personal favorite photos of Skarsgard in his Viking garb (Ha. Gard. Garb.), and though different from the book, the show’s interpretation of Eric’s creation story if well-done.

And while I write this, my newest iTunes playlist, “Vamprocking,” is doing just that. Yes, I am so obsessed with certain vampire movies and shows that I have created a playlist just for those soundtracks. Oh, and Glee, of course.

This is a time-saving initiative for me, because otherwise I’d be searching for “Glee” and “Vampire Diaries” nonstop.

In honor of my ridiculously geeky playlist, I share below the top-played song in each category:

  1. Twilight Soundtrack: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine,  http://tiny.cc/g7yhu
  2. New Moon Soundtrack “No Sound but the Wind” by The Editors, http://tiny.cc/hyflv
  3. True Blood Soundtrack, “Lullaby” by the Dixie Chicks, http://tiny.cc/g8f8x
  4. Vampire Diaries Soundtrack “Cut” by Plumb, http://tiny.cc/7jpep
  5. Glee soundtrack: And a tie, believe it or not, by two songs in the same episode: “Halo/Walking on Sunshine” http://tiny.cc/7phw8 and “It’s My Life/Confessions.”http://tiny.cc/ggyfl

And a bonus track (and closely following my No. 1 True Blood song in sheer plays), “Sancto Erico,” http://tiny.cc/ru6bs a song about a Viking king named Eric that Nathan Barr put to music for the show. This little ditty plays during the infamous season one bathroom scene.


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While CW’s “The Vampire Diaries” is based on a series of four books of the same name published in the 90s, the producers have taken some liberties, and rightfully so. Perhaps I am biased because I saw the show first, but if you’re a fan, check out my list and you decide:

1.     Elena has blonde hair and blue eyes (WHAT?!!? I’m offended as a brunette!)

2.     Elena’s  the “queen” of the school and kind of cocky. (I love Nina Dobrev’s interpretation of Elena as a strong, empathetic person – you get the vibe that she’s self-confident, but it’s not flaunted in your face.)

3.     Jeremy does not exist. (Not that he’s that exciting, but he does have fans. Somehow.)

4.     Damon and Stefan are 500 years old. And from Italy. That’s right, during the Italian Renaissance. (Gotta love the Civil War flashbacks, but damn I’m sorry I missed the Italian ones with Ian Somerhalder talking all sexy in Italian. Swoon.)

5.     Caroline is INSANE. (Which is sad, because I love her in the show.)

6.    Bonnie is white with red hair.  And she’s descended from Druids, not Salem witches. (However, Bonnie is equally cool in the books.)

7.     Elena has another friend who doesn’t exist in the show. (Basically, Meredith is one of those cool, collected types, aka “boring,” who wouldn’t really transition well to TV.)

8.      Elena ALLOWS Damon to drink from her and she drinks from him. (Would NOT be opposed to this happening in the show.)

9.     That whole tomb thing didn’t happen in the books. Instead, Stefan and Damon saw Katherine die with their own eyes. (Katherine is kind of a wimp in the flashbacks. She’s such a weak character she can’t make a choice. Unlike the show’s version, in which Katherine is portrayed as so much of a woman she can handle them both.)

10.  Despite the fact everything is completely different and Elena’s not as loveable, you will enjoy the books. (At least the first four. I will discuss the two newest installments (The Return: Nightfall and The Return: Shadowsouls) of the Vampire Diaries series in a later blog. Just wait. It’s waaaaaaay out in the proverbial left field.)

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