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Pomegranate, anyone?

OH man. I love with just a few, well-placed words, the oh-so-genius people behind The Vampire Diaries have successfully whipped me into a fever pitch, yet again, for the premiere Sept. 15.

Check out the delightfully wordy promo here.

Bloody cakes? Shirtless Damon? Bloody-mouthed Katharine?

Looks like we’re in for a real birthday treat.


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The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) with his signature fedora at Comic Con 2011.

Summer is just too damn bleak without The Vampire Diaries.

Luckily the show’s stars and producers are helping kick the butt of summer doldrums by dropping fun tidbits about Season Three, which premieres Sept. 15 on the CW (Just a few short days before my birthday!)

The premiere will take place on Elena’s 18th birthday (hey-o she’s legal! Wait, does that mean she’s a Virgo too?) and understandably, our No. 1 girl isn’t in the party mood. As for Damon, he seems to feel that Stefan will be back from his Klaus-induced rampage when he’s good and ready.

Besides the main storyline of holy-crap-where’s-Stefan and oh-my-god-I-kissed-Damon-but-he-lived, there’s an interesting scene or two in the promo, first of all, where Damon’s shirtless and Elena freaks out, naturally, AND one showing Caroline jumping in Tyler’s bed. I was so glad C survived the second season by the way. I mean, Jenna who?

As a forever Buffy The Vampire Slayer fangirl, I just had to use this photo of my girl Eliza Dusku at TVD's Comic Con 2011 panel.

Check out the full promo here.

Also keeping away the I-miss-TVD blues are numerous interviews with Ian Somerhalder who takes time out to enlighten the Damon fan about what’s going on with our favorite bad boy in the coming season, and apparently, he’s PISSED.

The following Ian Somerhalder quotes are taken from articles by ZAP 2 it and MTV, which you can read in full here and here.

On Stefan’s leaving Damon in the lurch: 

“Stefan’s left Damon here in Mystic Falls. Now he’s got to protect this girl that he loves, but that he can’t have, because it’s his brother’s girl — and even though it’s Damon, he can’t do that to his brother,” Somerhalder says. “And even if he could, she doesn’t love him anyway. She wants his brother. So when he finally sees Stefan, it’s like, ‘I tried for two seasons to get you to do this and now you’re off running around with this idiot.’ That’s all Damon wanted in Season 1, was his brother to run around with him and munch on sorority girls and bring down the house wherever they went, and Stefan said no. Now he’s left Damon here all by himself, to fend for himself, and protect this girl who is 150 years his junior. He’s not happy about it.”

On Damon keeping his edge in Season Three:

“This is a hundred-episode arc of a character, and he can’t just be one-dimensional. I was worried that Damon was becoming this hero, and Kevin [Williamson] said ‘No, he’s not the hero. He needs to be, but he’s the anti-hero, because he’s supposed to be not hurting people, but that’s not his nature.’ So he slips, and his response is ‘Screw this.’ Now, I think that struggle, that push and pull for Damon is what’s going to make this season interesting for me as an actor and interesting for Damon as a character. I don’t want to lose that quote-unquote ‘bad’ side of Damon.”

On why Elena can’t turn from Damon:

“The dynamics happening between Damon and Elena…they sort of like poke fun at each other, they jab at each other, she gets things from Damon that she doesn’t get from Stefan. He makes her smile. I mean, yes, he killed her brother; yes, he destroyed her life…but he makes her smile.”

And we all know one laugh can make a big difference 🙂

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Elena comforts Damon in "As I Lay Dying"

I’m not sure I can contain my happiness…..I’m sorry Stefan fans, but The Vampire Diaries Season Two finale, “As I Lay Dying,” was all about DELENA. All of my expectations were fulfilled. There were quite a few grip-the-couch-pillow-in-anticipation moments, ahem Jeremy’s ghosts, but I’m going to concentrate on the finale’s best Damon/Elena moments.

1. First of all, Damon’s about-to-die conservation was adorable: “You should have met me in 1864…you would’ve liked me.” Swoooon. Her response was beautiful: “I like you now. Just the way you are.” A friend thought it was corny, but I’m going to have to respectfully disagree.

2. I’m all about seeing how much Stefan and Damon care about each other – Stefan was willing to sacrifice all to save his brother and Damon did the same in Season One when Stefan was captured by the tomb vampires. They may try to fool us, and each other, but they truly love each other….awesome!

3. Back to the Damon bed scene – I love that Elena, finally, was able to put her “OMG I’m with Stefan” thing aside to comfort Damon in what she thought would be his last moments. He’s done so much for her, good and bad, and he had really EARNED that kiss. And just as an aside, that was NOT a kiss one gives to a boyfriend’s brother, even if he WERE dying.

4. It was pure poetry when Elena found out Damon was dying, right after she’d “shut the door” in his face when he was begging for forgiveness. Time to pay the piper Elena. After all, it’s OK to love both of them. (Good point, Katherine.)

5. Even while clammy and sweaty, Ian Somerhalder pulled off dying beautifully. He delivered those lines so convincingly…”I love you. You should know that.” Elena was sobbing,  I was sobbing. Tears were streaming my face. Logic will tell you there’s no way the show would kill off one of the most popular characters (there’s no show without him), but you’re still on proverbial tenterhooks when it appears Damon is breathing his last and finally bearing his soul, for real this time. No compulsion.

“As I Lay Dying” has completely lived up to Season One’s ending/cliffhanger, except this time, viewers should be prepared for a turning of the tables: Stefan as an evil henchman, Damon possibly good. Do you think Damon will pay his debt to Stefan by backing off from Elena when he may actually have a chance to win her? How long will Stefan be bad, anyway? (It was sadly short-lived in Season One.) Will Elena ever acknowledge her feelings for Damon?

Is it September yet? In the meantime, check out the Delena clip and the song playing in the background:

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I've created the Officially Awesome Damon Salvatore Playlist. Check out the full list at http://wovenstrands.wordpress.com.

Right now April 7 seems like a loooong way away.

To quench your Vampire Diaries (blood) thirst,  I’ve created the Officially Awesome Damon Salvatore Playlist – available in my first guest blog post on fellow WordPress blogger Woven Strands‘ site.

I’ve included an excerpt of the playlist below, but check out the rest of the Damony-delicious playlist here.

1. “Happiness is Overrated” by The Airborne Toxic Event

Recently featured in The Vampire Diaries, this song is completely Damon. “And speaking of/Little Miss Catherine/I feel swell, oh well/ Because losing you/Was something I always/Did so well.”


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Canadian actress Nina Dobrev portrays Katherine Pierce on The Vampire Diaries.

It’s hard not to be a little disgusted with The Vampire Diaries’ Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce – they’ve both possessed the hearts of BOTH Salvatores in their day! Lucky bees.

To honor their accomplishment and general bad-ass-ness, I thought it was time to dedicate an Eye Candy Wednesday to a couple of lucky ladies: Elena, Queen of our hearts, and Katherine, the vamp who embodies rhymes-with-witch.

For my part, I’ve got no problem giving credit where credit is due, and Canadian actress Nina Dobrev (who portrays both Katherine and Elena) argues for brunettes the world over that in fact, brunettes DO, and CAN, have more fun.

What do you think? Does Dobrev make a good Katherine and/or Elena? Which character do you like better? Personally, while Miss K makes me mad frequently, I have to acknowledge that she is one smart, self-preserving chick. With that said, in the last few episodes (ahem stabbing a were) Elena has been giving her forebear a run for her kick-butt money.

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If you’ve read this blog for more than two seconds, you know I love Damon Salvatore. My friends and family are also aware of my fan-girl obsession. Evidence? Check out the Damon tribute video below made in honor of yours truly (and others) by my friend Amanda, a fellow Cassandra Clare/Vampire Diaries fan.

I told her she managed to include EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my favorite Damon scenes in season one, all in seven delicious minutes. The song is apropos as well, no?

Thanks Amanda!

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It was a Ya-fruitful holiday for me this year - check out my Clockwork Angel necklace and Darkest Powers Derek mug featuring a cartoon version of Derek and text "My bark is worse than my bite."

I was blessed with lots of YA-related presents this year, my friends.

Please don’t hate me, but my swag is as follows:

1. Clockwork Angel-inspired necklace by Hebelmet courtesy of my sister Miranda. Check out more about Clockwork Angel on author Cassandra Clare’s website.

2. Damon Salvatore necklace made by blugrn design and designed by my sister Miranda, inspired by The Vampire Diaries books by L.J. Smith.

3. Copy of Torment by Lauren Kate complete with poster and short story – an entry from the diary of Daniel Grigori dated 1992

4. Darkest Powers mug featuring Derek Souza and the tagline, “My bark is worse than my bite.” Learn more about Mr. Souza at author Kelley Armstrong’s website.

5. Copy of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer (a book about werewolves) that I have already devoured (excuse the pun).

6. Notebook featuring the faces of Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

Here’s to a new year of books full of all sorts of supernatural ladies and guys and the people who love them.

Close-up of my fantastic Clockwork Angel neckace - I love it!

Damon Salvatore necklace with a gothic "D" and a crow symbolizing the animal he can turn into in L.J. Smith's books.

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