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Claudia Gray's character Lucas Ross is usually depicted by Chase Crawford in fan-made photos and videos. Learn more about Lucas Ross at claudiagray.com

With those deep green eyes and his dark golden hair, it’s easy to forget Evernight Academy bad boy Lucas Ross’ short fuse and, let’s face it, mad fighting skills. Kudos to author Claudia Gray for her divine creation.

Top Five Reasons Lucas Ross is the latest Eye Candy Wednesday:

  1. Muscles, beautiful eyes, golden hair….woodsy smell…need I go on?
  2. Has an appreciation for vintage jewelry (and the girls who wear them). Lucas hesitated not a second when Bianca had her eye on a vintage jet brooch, worn during mourning in the Victorian era.
  3. Undaunted at the thought of a school full of supernatural creatures; quite a handy quality when you’re attending Evernight Academy.
  4. Hot tempered, possessive and protective – hmm who does THAT remind me of? *Cough cough – TVD – cough*
  5. As a small child, ran away from home with a sling shot and package of Oreos. Adorable much?

Find out more about Evernight Academy and Lucas in Gray’s books, Evernight, Stargazer, Hourglass and Afterlife, which was released in March. Watch the video below in which Gray discusses Evernight.


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